Friday, October 17, 2014

A Return to the Argent Tournament

As soon as warlords is released it will become the 4th expansion in which I will be visiting the argent tournament.  That means that content created in the wrath of the lich king has managed to pass the test of time better than anything blizzard has created since.

From the beginning when I did the argent tournament when it first came out because that is what we do as game player, to the second expansion where I went there, which was cataclysm, and did some dailies to get some pets to sell and to collect all the mounts, to the third expansion I went there, mists of pandaria, where I continued going there for pets, and come warlords which will be the 4th expansion I will be going there, again for pets, but with even more reason, should I want to build up some chaimpion seals if I ever want to buy some heirlooms they offer and to get all the banners from there that are now part of the toy box, and as a collector, that means I need to go get that.

Could it be that the argent tournament is quite possibly the absolute best questing hub ever released in the game in terms of lasting content?

Yes, the fact might be I could have got all those things way back in wrath.  I could have gotten the mounts back then, could have gotten the pets back then, could have gotten the toys back then, and I could have purchased all the heirlooms with justice before they were removed.  So basically you could say that it offers nothing more than it did in wrath, and you would be right.  And that is part of what makes it so amazing.  Nothing has been added to it since it was released and there is still, for most people, plenty of reason to still keep going back there many years later.

It is what it offered, and how it offered it, that makes it something that, in a game where content is fleeting, it is a lasting part of the game for so many people.

Nothing at the argent tournament was required when it first came out really and most definitely nothing now.  I doubt a great many needed the gear from there when it first came out and I am sure, unless for transmog reasons, there is no one that needs the gear from there now.  Everything the argent tournament offers was something that might have been desired by a person, but was not required for optional game play.

So with a massive amount of things that could tickle the fancy of nearly every type of player and the limited ability to get champion seals to only a handful per day, even if it is a generous handful, it kept people coming back.

In wrath I picked up my argent squire with my seals and then added the birdie, which I still suggest everyone make the effort to earn, it is cool to have a pet with the utility that the argent squire with the birdie offers.  I purchased some pets back then and I would sell them on the auction house.  They were a great way to make a little extra gold.  I did, of course, buy the silver covenant mount, a hippogryph, because it is a hippogryph, and it looks awesome.  And the pet, I bought the silver covenant pet as well.  I never really bought too much otherwise, just pets to sell after I got what I wanted.

When cataclysm came out and there was a new mount achievement I saw myself looking for some mounts to get so I could reach the next mount achievement.  It seemed that the argent tournament mounts were the only reputation mounts I never purchased.  Most likely because I was busy spending my seals on pets to sell instead of on mounts.  But throughout cataclysm I always went back there when I had some free time to knock out a few quests and build up some seals.  Over the course of the expansion, with no rushing really, I managed to get all the mounts offered from the argent tournament.

With mists and the addition of pet battles, buying those argent pets for resale was something different.  Before I did it because pet collectors wanted it.  Because getting ones from the other faction could prove hard, because people liked pets.  Now I was doing it because people wanted to battle pets.  They were no longer just collectors, they were fighters.  And unlike in the past were people would save up over time and wait to get a pet, when pet battlers need their pet, they want their pet.  Which, for the person selling it, can be a very good way to make money.  So thorough out mists, when I had some time here and there, I would pop by the argent tournament and do a few quests to save up for a pet.

With the addition of 6.0.2 I find myself, once again, looking at doing the tournament dailies.  It will not take long to get the toys from there for my toy box.  They only sell for 15 seals each and you get more than 15 seals a day, so I will be done with it rather quickly and if I do not slack off it will most definitely be before warlords actually launches, but the thought still sits there.  Warlords will be the 4th expansion that the argent tournament is valuable content for.

People will be going back to get mounts, if they hadn't already, pets, if they want to, toys, to fill their toy box, gear, for transmog, and now heirloom gear that they need to save up for and not just grind one day and buy it, like with justice, or open their wallet and purchase it, like with guild heirlooms.

If you want these things from the argent tournament, you will need to spend some time at the argent tournament.  If you want the mounts and banners you will need to not only get that specific base faction to exalted, but you will need to champion them.  At a slow, but still moving nicely, rate of quest progression and seal collection, the argent tournament can take a fair deal of your time up.  You will not open it all up over one day, or one week, but maybe one month.  You will need to get all your factions base members at exalted, which means that the argent tournament might actually send you back to do other content, as well as sending you back, to itself, in the past, where it still remains as relevant as any content released today.

There is something to be said about a quest hub that remains largely unchanged and has been given no new short cuts to play catch up, that still remains active.  Still remains important to so many people that are after something, be it mounts or toys or pets or heirlooms.  And it keeps you coming back over and over and over to continue collecting seals.

As we enter warlords, I am returning to wrath once again.  Say what you want about wrath or the argent tournament, but actions speak louder than words.  Just go see how many people are there on a regular basis as testament to how well the content has lasted.  Now that is how to design content to last.

So what is it that has made the argent tournament remain content that people have actively played in four consecutive expansions?  Could it be because it has so much to offer?  Could it be because it takes some time to progress through it and open it all up?  Could it be that the currency comes in a smaller limited supply that keeps you coming back?  Could it be because some of the items you could turn around and sell on the auction house?  Or could it be because it was the first, and only, time that blizzard ever designed a quest hub just right?  Maybe it is a little bit of all of them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some FAQs From Day One of 6.0.2

Here are just some randomly thrown together questions I was asked last night more than a few times.  I figured I would try to collect them so maybe some people might find the answer they are looking for.  As it seems, these are things people did not know about, understand, or were just unsure of.  Maybe I can help.  Warning: anything can change and I could be wrong, but my answers here are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Hunter Specific:

Q: Where did my serpent sting go?
A: Serpent sting is not only available to survival hunters.  It is a passive and automatically applied to all targets you hit with an arcane shot or a multi shot.

Q: What happened to stampede?
A: It is now a talent on the same row as a murder of crows and blink strikes and at the moment it is not useful for any spec in terms of raiding.

Q: Is stampede completely useless now?
A: Not at all.  Stampede is still a great burst cooldown but over the course of any real amount of time, like in a raid, the other abilities will pass it in effectiveness but if you are out in the world killing rares or something that will go down quickly, as in 20 or 30 seconds max, than stampede is still a great choice for its burst damage.

Q: So now that scatter shot is gone does that mean I need to get better at targeting my traps in PvP?
A: While getting better at targeting is not a bad idea, do not worry too much.  For the sole purpose of the scatter trap situation the range of traps has been greatly increased meaning you do not need to be perfectly accurate as you were before hand.  Sadly for all other applications the loss of scatter shot does suck.

Q: Which spec is best now?
A: At the moment, and it seems at level 100, marksman is the way to go for the best numbers.  However that can change if any last minute adjustments are made, but I would not expect it to change much at level 90, if at all.

Q: Should I quit playing a hunter, they suck now?
A: That is completely up to you.  I will not quit using mine.  If it ends up being that bad I will raid on a different character, but my hunter will always be my main as long as I am playing the game.  So really, only you can answer that question.  How much you do love playing a hunter?

Q: Can I solo XXX now?
A: Give it a try.  Sometimes soloing is about skill, sometimes it is about power.  I will tell you that you have a hell of a lot more power than you used to when going to old content.


Q:  How can I just join a flex 4 group?
A: You can't.  There is no such thing as flex any longer, it is now referred to as normal.  With that change it means it is treated just like a normal raid and you must start at the beginning and zone in through the entrance.  You can still join a group at later bosses, but you will need to travel there or be summoned.

Q: If I got an heirloom on flex but never on normal can I get the 100% change drop one on normal now?
A: Yes.  Your flex one is now a normal one and the normal one you want is now a heroic one.  But you will get a 100% chance of getting a weapon for each raid level.  So if you have never got one on normal (now heroic) you will have a 100% chance to get it if you kill garrosh.

Q: Is the 100% drop per account, per character, or unlimited?
A: Every character on every account on every difficulty will have a 100% chance to get the BoA weapon if they have never received one on that difficulty before.  Once you get on on that specific character for that specific difficulty, you can still get another but at the normal, very small, drop rate chance.

Q: So I can't do mythic 10 man?
A: No, the days of arguing 10 vs 25 are over.  Mythic, the highest level of difficulty in game, is now a single group size of 20.  So your 10 man will need to recruit more people if you want to do mythic.

Q: If I just did heroic (normal) can I pug into a mythic group?
A: Yes.  LFR, normal, heroic and mythic are all separate lockouts now.  So if you do one with guild you can pug the other if you wish.

Q: So what are the raid sizes and difficulties now?
A: LFR is completely unchanged, it is still LFR for 25 people.  Flex is now referred to as normal and can be anywhere from 10 to 30 people.  Normal is now referred to as heroic and is now also flexible and can be anywhere from 10 to 30 people.  Heroic is now referred to as mythic and is a strict 20 player format.

Q: Holy crap my gear says heroic and I've never done heroic, is that a bug?
A: Nope, not a bug.  That just means your gear is normal gear and being normal is now called heroic, your normal gear is now heroic gear.


Q: I hate my new face, can I change it without paying real money?
A: Sure you can.  As long as you trust your local barber shop gnome or goblin with scissors.  They took some classes in plastic surgery and will gladly reconstruct your face for a nominal fee.

Q: Where did this gold in my mail come from?
A: Justice points and valor points were removed from the game and converted to gold at a rare of 47 silver per point.

Q: Is it safe to delete toys that I already know?
A: Yes, it is safe.  If you want to be sure click on it and when you do not learn it you are now sure and you can delete it.

Q: This mob just two shot me, is that intended?
A: Maybe yes, maybe no.  Is it something you could normally kill easy enough?  If so make a bug report with the name of the mob and explain that you used to kill it easily and now it two shots you.  Some stat squish problems are around and they will fix them as they are reported.  If it is something that used to two shot you, it most likely still will.

Q: Where is the reagents tab?
A: You will have an additional tab at the bottom of your bank.  Click on that and you can buy the use of the tab for 100 gold, well worth it if you ask me.

Q: I learned my toy and it disappeared. and Where are my toys?
A: Your toys are now in the same place where your mounts and pets are.  It is an added tab there which you can click on.  You can use your toys directly from there or drag the ones you like to your action bar for easy access.

Q: What happened with all the things I used to buy with valor / justice?
A: Most of them were converted to be purchasable with gold, like the justice gear and valor gear.  Some stuff was removed from the game like justice heirlooms and wrath commendations.

Q: Where can I get heirlooms from now being the vendor for justice is gone?
A: You can by them from the argent tournament and from the darkmoon fair.  However this will take considerable more time collecting the needed currency and some heirlooms are not available from them at all.

Q: Will the heirlooms removed ever be added back to the game?
A: Blizzard said they will at some point but don't hold your breath waiting for them.

Q: Can I get to Draenor?
A: No, that is part of the expansion, anything you see here is not part of the expansion, it is part of the base game even if you never buy the expansion.

Q: Where is my garrison?
A: On Draenor waiting for you to get there on November 13th.

Q: So what exactly was added?
A: The limited time event for the title, pet and achievement and anything that you do not need to go to draenor for.

Q: How long do I have before the quest line goes away?
A: Just like all other prepatch events they will go away as soon as the expansion comes out on November 13th.


Q: One of my abilities is gone and I know for a fact it was not removed, what happened?
A: Some abilities like mangle for bears and death coil for blood DKs were designed to be used by more than one spec.  When they changed it to be different for specs, or removed it from another spec, the spell ID changed and that is why it disappeared from your bar.  Just pull it out of your spell book and drop it back on your bar.  It is still the same spell, just different behind the scenes coding for it that removed it from your bar.

Q: What is with all these question marks on my bar?
A: They are broken macros most likely.  If a spell has been removed, like greater healing wave on my shaman, the macro shows as a ? for me.  Also if the spell has been renamed, like unleash elements on my shaman, it will show as a ? for me.  I deleted the deleted ability macro and took it off my bar and changed the name of the one that changed.  The ? for unleashed elements started showing the right image when I changed the macro to the new name of unleash life.

Q: How come my abilities hit so hard sometimes and so soft other times?
A: Older content gives us a buff, so you could see yourself hitting something for 400K one minute than come out into current content and only hit it for 20K.  Nothing is broken, don't worry.  You will just do higher numbers in older content.  It is part of the system and intended, even if it feels weird.

Q: How come it is telling me I have unused talent points?
A: Because you have unused talent points.   There were many changes to talents and if there was a large change in any row, or if a talent you had was removed, you will need to reselected a talent for that row.

Q: How come it will not let me select a level 100 talent?
A: Maybe because you are not level 100.

Q: My character seems broken without the level 100 talent, is that intended?
A: All classes are designed around being max level and yes, we are playing incomplete characters right now.  The leveling perks we will get while leveling added to the level 100 talent may very well help with making your character feel less broken.

I got asked more questions, but these are some of the ones that stood out and I thought maybe the answers might help other people.  If I can remember any more later, or someone asks one here that I happen to know the answer too, I might update this later.  I might be grumpy, but I am definitely more polite than trade chat for when you have a question.

Logging Into 6.0.2: Impressions on Live

There are many tid bits of things I want to talk about but I will lead off by saying I did not really do all that much because there was just so much to do.  I did however manage not to get sucked into going to the blasted lands and if anything that is thanks to the fact there was so much I wanted to do otherwise.  I am keeping track of all the gold I get mailed to me, when I am done opening all my characters mails I will surely share that.  Personally I am wondering how much gold I will end up with from the removal of valor and justice.

The Character Screen:

Of course my hunter would be the first character I was going to log into.  It is my main after all and as such it would get the majority of my attention.  But I wanted to take a look at all my characters new faces before logging in.  While some of them I have seen because of character transfers on the beta others I had not seen what they were going to look like until just now.

Some of the new faces were not exactly what I would have liked.  They do not even look remotely like what they are supposed to look like.  My gnome mage looks like a meth head, my human warlock looks like a celebrity but I could not place who it was, but it most definitely looks familiar.  My priest looks so sad, almost depressed and that is depressing for me.

Other characters looked fine.  Of course my hunter I was already used to.  I had been playing with that face on beta for a while so there was nothing really to get used to.  My druid, paladin and shaman all look fantastic, better than I had expected.

So with pluses and minuses the character redesign face wise was best described as "eh".  It wasn't great over all and it wasn't bad over all.  I can most definitely see the people that put more stock into what their characters look like being extremely upset with some of these but the only one that really bugged me was my gnome mage.  Being I do not look too closely at the faces I can live with it.

I did however visit the barber shop for some plastic surgery on my gnome mage as it was the only character I felt compelled to do so on because he looked that bad.  Sadly after surfing through all the gnome male faces one by one and taking a good look at each one and trying to figure out which one I would like most I came to the conclusion I would just leave it as is.  There are no faces that even remotely resemble what my gnome looked like before.  So instead of wasting gold for a face change from one horrible face to another horrible face I will just leave it as is and consider a race change instead.

An Unexpected Surprise:

When I logged into my hunter not only did I get the achievement that awarded me the shado-master title, because shado-pan monastery gold, which I did not manage to get, was removed from the meta requirement.  Being I was on the beta I expected that would happen, even if I was still trying to get groups for gold challenge modes.  One thing I did get I was really not expecting however. I managed to get 3 new mounts mailed to me which I will say must have been a bug but it was one I will admit I did not report and will not report.

When you completed all the challenge modes on silver you got an egg you could turn in for a phoenix mount, which is really pretty.  You only get one egg which means you only get one mount.  Now maybe this was not a bug, maybe they mentioned it somewhere, but I never saw it.  When I logged in the other 3 phoenix mounts were in my mail box.  So now I have all the challenge mode mounts on one character.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

If it was a bug I hope I get to keep them, I like the mounts and I am a mount collector, if it was intended and never mentioned anywhere that is a pretty cool little unexpected gift for having all silvers.  If it was mentioned somewhere that we would get them all anyway and I completely missed it, whoops.  Either way, I like my three new unexpected mounts.

I Hate Typing Delete:

I logged into my hunter first, of course, and immediately went to my bank to open my reagents tab.  I hit the deposit all option and then started to organized things in there.  First things first, I took my spirits and motes of harmony back out.  They will all find their way to my tailor which will in turn make cloth and bags.  I like bags.

I had had a 36 slot herb bag filled on my hunter, as he is an herbalist, and it worked out to be 7 spaces in my reagents tab.  The beauty of a 200 stack, I am really going to dig this. 7 spaces taken up is so much better than 36 spaces taken up.

After I did that my intention was to switch out my herb bag with one of the royal satchels in my bank.  It would give me extra herb space in my bank and extra bag space on my character for traveling.  Being I can craft directly from the bank now I no longer needed to carry around herbs with me for when someone asks if anyone had a flask or some potions.  I can just craft them from my bank.  So this means carrying around an herb bag on me is wasted space.  It used to be required when raiding, now it isn't and I like that change, but feel a little slighted that I have a "wasted" profession bag, but no worries as I will surely find a use for it.

To do the switch however I needed to clear out my bags first, and there was so much to be cleaned out.  First pass through my bank bags was cleaning up and taking out my challenge mode / proving grounds gear as well as some other gear I had been saving "just in case".  You know, that extra warforged belt with hit in case I needed more hit so I could switch it out, the chest piece that I might switch out but do not need because I got the mythic one some time ago and there is no way I would switch out to a heroic one after that, things like that.  I took all of that stuff out first and vendored it off, no need for that clutter any longer.

Then I went back to the bank and being I have a second slot of void storage that means there is more stuff I can put in there and more rooms in my bags.  I pulled out things to throw in there and once again cursed blizzard for not allowing me to put gear with the "unique" tag in the void storage.  Either way, that cleared up some more space.  And correct me if I am wrong, but I could have sworn that on the beta it cost 1000 gold to open the second void storage tab.  Well, on live it was free, and on live it is now nearly half full already.  And just think, I am not one of those people that is a transmog freak and I use that much space.  I feel bad for the people that love to mog.  They could probably use 10 tabs of void storage.  Well, if they keep this rate going, maybe you could expect a new tab every expansion.

Then back to the bank and toy box time.  I got a toy box achievement when I logged in from toys they automatically put into my toy box for me.  That was kind of cool, well, actually that was really cool.

See, what blizzard did, to help the people that had deleted quest related toys or archeology toys, was they did a scan of your character and if you had ever discovered the toy while digging or got the toy from a quest marked complete, it automatically put it in your toy box.  That way, even if you had thrown it away, you got it back.  Good looking out blizzard.

But one side effect of that was that I still have all these toys and I can not actually just throw them away.  I need to type delete each time I want to throw them away.

So while it was a great thing blizzard did automatically putting those things in our toy boxes the side effect was I needed to type delete at least 200 times yesterday throwing away toys on all my characters that were already in my toy box.  First world problems of course, but still slightly annoying when there is so much more I wanted to do and this did eat up a fair deal of time.

Dungeon Time:

Of course after a drought of over 2 years with no new five man content people wanted to do the new dungeon, even people that needed nothing from them.  I figured, as a tank was needed, I could use this as a change to grab a few items for my tanks that actually needed stuff from there.

I was suffering from major lag spikes, as in moving every other second.  My latency was fine home and world, it was just jumpy.  I did not bring my druid, monk or DK because they all have okay gear and really do not need anything but my warrior and my paladin were a different story all together.

The dungeon was easy enough but I did wipe us once.  You could even say I did it on purpose.  When I got to leeroys room I ran in yelling leeroy jenkins and pulled the whole room.  We killed most of the mobs but did end up wiping.  Whoops.  But hey, this is about fun and I had a lot of fun doing it.  If the damn things did not chain stun me we would not have wiped.  Live and learn, or die and learn as it may be, but it as fun none the less.

I manged to get my paladin a 550 ring to replace the 496 one it was wearing.  I also got some gloves for my paladin because even after all this time and so many world boss kills none of the celestial bosses or ordos was kind enough to cough up any gloves so those 550 gloves were a nice upgrade to 535 timeless ones.

My warrior wanted the two handed weapon because I wanted to test out one of the OP DPS specs for warriors now and I did not have a weapon for it.  Almost bought the 489 one with timeless coins the other day but didn't, now I am glad I did not.  I got the 550 two hander my first time in there.

So my paladin nabbed 2 pieces it needed the first time in there and my warrior one piece it needed its first time in there.  Seems like today was my lucky day.

Lucky Day:

So I figured it was time to pop back on my hunter and test out that apparent luck I am having, and the stat squish with soloing old content at the same time.  Maybe if I were to do some of those old raids for mount drops I might get one today.

A guild mate was leveling, on a day like this I might question that, but he asked me if I could run him through a dungeon quickly, and of course I said okay.  He was in northrend and I figured I could run him through and then hit up Maly and VoA if the alliance owned it.

After I ran him through the dungeon, which was as easy as ever, and managed to bug out one boss because I killed it too fast, I dropped him off at a questing hub and headed over to give maly a try.  I dropped group, switched it to 25 man legacy raid, and entered the eye of eternity with no expectations really, as I have been doing this for a while and on multiple characters each week for months now.

I could see the buff when soloing older content working for us, big time, because while I usually get maly to 4% or less depending on the character I am on before phase 2 starts, this time around I had him at 1 heath while he was doing his little speech before even flying away to start phase two.  I actually had to double check to make sure I was on 25 man because I thought maybe I accidentally put it on 10 being I almost killed him before even even started his little role play speech.  So yeah, the buff does make us stronger, not like I needed it for this one, but it is nice to see it in action.

I went through the motions and when we got to the mounted part of combat I hit 1 once and he was dead.  When I flew over to loot the gem I had no expectations.  When I saw the azure drake in there I was so happy.  Once less fight to farm for a mount and one more thing to cross off my list.  That makes for 4 new mounts on patch day.  It has been a pretty good patch day for me.

I did VoA, all four bosses, and knocked out a quick onyxia as well, but nothing to report on that front.  Hey, I am not going to complain, I got one mount I had been farming for a long time and I am happy with that.

Playing With Numbers:

I then went to test out my hunter numbers on the dummy seeing if that 12% boost to survival did anything to help.  I started off slow as in 400 DPS slow and climbed up.  I made it to 3800 DPS and leveled out there.

Immediately I thought to myself, what the hell am I doing wrong.  I know hunters are hurting but they are not hurting that bad.  I know I am not one of the great hunters, but I am a hell of a lot better than that.  I could not even top out over 4000 DPS and it was really sad.

It was then someone told me that I should not use the dummy all the way on the right, it is not the right level.  Well now, that explains a lot.  I see now, it is a ?? mob.  Oops.

I spent the better part of half an hour just pounding away, on the correct dummy this time, and I capped out at 9800 DPS, with no buffs, no food, no flask or no potions of course.  Most of the time I fluttered around 9300 DPS bottom to that 9800 DPS top and I think it would be safe to say that I can do between those numbers with no buffs what so ever.  Still feels as if I were doing something wrong however.

It was sad.  Sure I could kill old content really fast, but seeing those numbers and seeing everyone else sitting at the dummies, in less gear than I, doing 13K and 15K, I decided to just log off for the night and come back tomorrow fresh headed.  I almost felt as if I was drunk from drinking in all the new stuff.

I'll clear more bags tomorrow, I'll type delete another 200 times tomorrow, I try another spec for my hunter tomorrow, and I will raid tomorrow.  But I will try not to dwell on the numbers even if they are upsetting.

Many Questions, Handle Them:

Over the course of trying to do everything for myself and with all my attempts to be completely selfish, and yes I wanted to be, I still ended up answering 100s of questions.  From guild, on voice chat, in trade, in whispers. 

As I said, it was expected that most players had no idea what was going on.  I must have had to explain how to enable out of date addons a few dozen times to people saying nothing worked.  I had to explain to 4 hunters that stampede is no longer baseline and then be yelled at by one of them like it was my fault it was no longer baseline.  I had to explain there was no valor any more at least 10 times.  I had to tell dozens of people "they removed that talent".  I also had at least 20 people tell me, when I said "that was removed", why didn't they warn us.  I said they did, but all those people said they never knew.  As I said, blizzard is beyond horrible at sharing information with their players and times like this are proof of that.

Even if I had intended to keep to myself, to do my own things, I still ended up playing the role of helper.  It is just in my nature I guess.  Even if I am sure I started getting more than a bit surly with my answers as the night went on, from having to answer the same questions a million times.  I think I am going to make another post after this one with a FAQs that I had from yesterday.  Maybe it will help some others.

I was expecting most people not to know what was going on, and I was right, but it seems there were a lot that did know what was going on, at least in part, that I had not expected would be the type to know.

Play the Game:

Setting up my hunters bar and knowing what was gone was no big deal as I had played so much on the beta.  I already knew what was going on, but for most of my other classes it was a case of what did I lose and trying to remember as I was going along.

When I logged on to my characters I would ask on vent, to see who knew the classes best, what ability was I missing.  I logged into my mage and asked, my #1 and #5 abilities are gone, what was there.  On my DK I asked my #3 ability is gone, what was there.  It made for a fun game, and really did tell me a lot of who knows what class.  One of my guild mates, whom I knew to be the most knowledgeable player in the guild, nailed nearly every ability that was gone just based on me saying what keybind they used to be.  When you can say "my shift 3" is gone and someone can say, oh that was this ability, you can really tell they know a lot about the game.

Some abilities disappeared from my bar that made no sense what so ever.  Like mangle disappeared from my bear, but I still have mangle.  Death coil disappeared from my DK, but I still have death coil.  Sometimes things are weird, but there is a reason behind it disappearing from my bar.

Loved all those question marks sitting all over my bars on my priest for abilities I had mouse over macros for that were now gone.  Seeing what I lost and then seeing the addition of things like holy nova make me wonder, what the hell were they thinking.  Spirit shell is ten thousand times better than holy nova could ever be when it comes to usefulness.

It is going to take a lot of getting used to when I play the characters I do not often play and try to figure out what is missing.  It will happen when you use the character.  Like on my warrior, my shift three was missing, and I had no freaking clue what it was.  Can you tell how often I tank on my warrior?  It wasn't until I went to hit it and it was not there.  Ah, storm bolt used to be there.  Oh well, at least now I know.

So for my alts it will be a case of getting out there and playing on them.  Best way to get used to changes is to play with them.   So get out there and play.  But don't forget to clean up those bags too.  I'll be doing more of the same later today.  Lots to do, lots and lots to do.

Sometimes this game feels like it goes from having nothing to do, to having too much to do.  I wish blizzard would release things in smaller bunches sometimes instead of saving everything up for one huge release of a lot of stuff all at once.  It feels like feast or famine gaming, or is it just me that feels that way?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Things I Will Do, in 6.0.2, How About You?

For some odd reason that title reads like something written by Dr. Seuss in my mind.

6.0.2 is coming out today and if I am lucky it will be finished patching itself up before I get home from work so effectively if all goes well there will be absolutely no down time for me.  I will never have even noticed the update happened.

I left my computer on and my loader up so it will download whatever it needs to while I am sitting here typing this.  Hopefully there is nothing to download when I get home and I can log right in and hopefully not head to the blasted lands.  My intention is to wait until the rush calms down some but you know what they say about best intentions right.

So here it is, my list of things I intend to do tonight on 6.0.2 patch day, the day after mists ended and the day warlords begins.

A Fool and His Money:

Unless there have been some quick last minute changes like they did to some of the damage dealing specs we can expect that the BiS enchants will range as far back as BC for some classes and the best food, flask and potions will be from the cataclysm era.  This of course means there will be a lot of money to be made.

Being the pack rat that I am I will have more than an ample supply of materials to make all the enchants, food, flask and potions that are needed.  With a guild bank filled with enchanting materials and cataclysm era raw foods it should be no issue making a nice supply to flood the AH with.

On my herb catch all I have three herb bags in his bank that just so happen to have lots of cataclysm herbs in them waiting for that moment I need them.  Now is as good a time as any to unload them in the form of flasks and potions.

So I get to clear out a lot of my assembled stock and maybe make a few gold before the expansion.  Nothing better than killing two birds with one stone I always say.

Just for the record, the older enchants, food, flasks and potions will only offer minimal increases, as in from 4-11 DPS increases with each.  For most of us, myself included, I really do not care about such a small amount right now at this stage in the game but there are some people that would never be caught dead, even after progression is done with, without the best of the best and to those people I will gladly take their hard earned gold.  If we were going to be in this stage for a long time I too would be looking at having the best of the best, but right now, all I am thinking about is moving forward.

You've Got Mail:

With the removal of justice points and valor points from the game all my characters that had them will be getting in game mails with some gold.  A little or a lot is no difference to me, gold is gold, and I will be making sure to log into every single character that might have even had 1 justice point or 1 valor point to make sure I collect their gold.

I am sure there are many characters I have not logged into for months, including my level 80 hunter that is still waiting for a herald group and is never logged into, that will have some money waiting for them.  I am even considering reactivating my other account that has been inactive for years because I know there will be some gold sitting there for them now too.

Hey, call me a sucker for gold, but I would think anyone that won't take 2 minutes to log in on a long forgotten alt to check their mail box a sucker.  Go and get that gold.

Is That a Toy in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?

I am going to love the toy box for a couple of reasons but the number one reason of course is that it will give me bag space.  Beautiful, wonderful, heavenly bag space.  And lots of it to boot.

Of course most of the toys are gathered on my main including things that are no longer in game but thankfully blizzard was kind enough to add those things removed from the game to the toy box.  Makes me so glad I held on to that furbolg quest item from back in the day.  While you can buy a newer version of that has a longer cooldown this one has a 1 minute cooldown and a 3 minute effect, which means I can be a furbolg all the time and now, even more importantly, I can be one on every single character and not just my hunter who is the only one old enough and quested through that area to have it.

Sadly some other junk got thrown away over the years but much of it I still have.  From archeology items to timeless items there are a lot of toys cluttering my bags and every single one of them is going to find its way into my toy box.  It will take some work to find them all however because while many are on my main I do have additional ones on other characters scattered over different servers even.

So while my priest might have the little blue bear my hunter doesn't, it will go in the toy box, and my rogue who happens to have the green version none of my other characters have will put his in the toy box too.  I am sure there are many other little toys I just can not think of off the top of my mind on many characters that can find there way into the toy box.

Not only is it great that they all now share the toys, so everyone has everything, but it does not exactly only free up one space.  There are some toys I have on multiple characters, say 10 or 12, and it will clear out a bag space on all of them.   So basically putting 1 toy in the toy box will clear up 12 bag spaces for me.  How freaking awesome is that for bag space love?  It is just going to suck having to throw away those other duplicate toys.  I wonder if they will find their way to the island of misfit toys.

One Pinch of ground Bat Wing and Two clippings of Lizard Toe Nails:

The reagents tab is the one that is going to take the most time for me to work on.  Not because it is hard, you can just click the deposit all option, but because I am one of those really weird people that believe there is an order for everything and everything needs to be in order.

For 100 gold you can open a 98 slot reagents bag in your bank and every single character of mine, probably at the same time I go to check for gold in the mail, will be opening that baby up happily.  They could have made it 1000 gold and I still would have considered it a great deal.

I will need to not only open them all but sort them out and stack them up being most stuff stacks to 200 now.  I will still have profession bags on each character and I do not want to hit the deposit all option because it will bring even things from my profession bags in there and I do not really want that.  So I will have to do it the more time consuming way and that means stacking them up by hand and moving what I want to move by hand.

As weird as this might sound, this is the thing I am looking forward to most.  I dig that I will have so much more space and I will be able to organize things better and stack them higher and I will probably spend most of my day doing exactly that, getting stuff in the order I want it.

I have my druid for catch all on gems, my paladin for catch all on ore, my mage for catch all on herbs, my rogue for catch all on leather, my shaman is the catch all for all current food, but I also have a guild bank that has a lot of all of that stuff also.  Over the course of years this happens because I either did not have space on the catch all at the time, or it was easier to just send everything off to my bank alt.

So while I have profession bags on all those alts  I need to go through all of them and stack them to 200 and then take all the extra stuff from my guild bank, or from alts that still have pieces in their bags or banks from leveling, and send it over.  Then I need to decide on which bags will be for what.  Will I have enough space now with stack of 200 to put all my leather from both wrath and BC in the same bag?  You know, things like that.  A lot of storage decisions need to be made.

Once I decide, even if I don't need as many profession bags as I used to have, I need to combine everything just the right way to make me happy with it.  I will also need to put some royal satchels on a few of my characters in place of profession bags. 

Being I will be able to craft directly from the bank having a profession bag on me while I run around means so much less.  If I am pressed to make something on the fly, like flask or potions or what have you, I can do it right from my bank.  So my herbalist will no longer need an herb bag, and so forth.  Which means that bag rotates to the bank and another bag rotates to the main bag section which in effect gives me more running around room with bags and what is there not to like about that.

There is also another added thing that will require a great deal of time on my part all thanks to this.  After I do sort out who gets what and were I will stack it and I send over all the extra goods from my guild bank to them for storage I will have more space in my guild bank.

This means more room to store those extra pets.  I have so many characters with spring rabbits, giant sewer rats, direhorns, micro sentries, etc all sitting in there bags because I could not learn them because I was out of a place to keep them otherwise.  Now I will cage some of my pets, put them in that newly open guild bank space and go on to those characters and learn them, and send them over to the guild bank space.  Also, if you have not noticed, this is a great way to get money to other servers.  But, you need the space for it.  And now with the reagents tab I will have more space in my guild bank and I can go from having one tab of pets on my main server to two tabs and one tab on my alt server to two tabs.  So that, in turn, will free up even more space on my characters.

Which looking at the much larger picture and how much I need to stack, move, learn, cage, etc, the addition of the reagents bag for me is not just a case of buy it for 100 gold and hit deposit all like it will be for many, it will be a week long, or maybe longer, adventure of moving things around and putting them all in the right place.  And guess what... I love it.

Raiding, Questing and Achievements, Oh My:

There of course will come the time to check out specs and do some raiding and there will be the new quest line in the blasted lands which will come with some new achievements, a new title and a new pet, but that will be there for a month so no rush really.

I plan to keep my main hunter SV and MM for now and test SV first with it.  My horde hunter, due to bad luck and never getting anything better than an LFR assurance of consequence will go from BM and SV to BM and MM and give MM a try with the heroic sigil of rampage because it might actually be decent when compared to an LFR AoC now and I want to test that.  My RP hunter will be playing around as my BM tester.  My other 90 hunters will just stay as they are, for now, until I can get a feel for how and what is going on with hunters.

Big question here is, with all the changes, which spec do you think my level 80 herald hunter should play with now?  Interesting question and I have no clue myself.  Didn't really give it that much thought until I was typing this just now.   I will have to think about that.

Me and My Shadow:

Then, after I finish playing around and have a couple of minutes, I want to try some soloing at 90 to see if I can get down some things I was having some issues with beforehand.  Namely heroic rag.  While I've seen hunters do it I just have not been able to.  I should be able to now right?  Well, I plan to find out.

Now is the missing time.  The time after mists is done, the time leading up to warlords but not quite there yet.  We are in limbo.  So for the next month I will just try to get things in order because nothing is better than starting a new expansion having everything else in order in your house.  As for preparation, I plan to start planning out my garrison set up on all my characters and starting a series of posts here all about garrisons in an effort to both help myself think it out while writing and maybe give some ideas to others that were not lucky enough to be on the beta.

So how will you be spending your patch day, assuming we actually get on?

Happy patch day.

Survival Gets an Eleventh Hour Call

There has been a lot of talk of the early sims that were released last week and of course the blizzard employees asked about it said the sims were wrong, as they are supposed to do because they work for the company.  Through the history of early sims there were always things they missed and sometimes there was one class that they completely missed something that the top level players noticed and used to get more out of a class than expected, but over all they are usually, for the most part, close to how things will turn out if not in exact numbers than in order of where classes would appear.

So for survival hunters simming under tanks it mean thats the spec was scheduled for execution.  An eleventh hour call from the governor however has given survival a stay of execution because maybe blizzard noticed that no damage dealing spec should ever be under tanks and surely no pure damage dealing class should be under tanks.  But hey, at least we always had the slow, boring, clunky and caster feeling MM spec now right?

Just before the 6.0.2 patch was going to be released blizzard announced that there were some things the sims missed.  Surprising isn't it?  Tin foil hat going on here.  The sims did not miss anything, blizzard is just covering their asses right now with some last minute changes.  Tin foil hat coming off.

The changes that apparently everyone missed show that the bottom specs like retribution paladin, shadow priest and survival hunters all apparently got buffs no one noticed while the top specs from the warrior, warlock and mage classes got nerfs that were also missed.  Amazing coincidence isn't it?

So now we will enter 6.0.2 when it comes online with no idea where survival will really be.  It is actually kind of fun to think about testing things out on live but who knows if the changes were enough, or too much.  Only time will tell.

The other hunter specs did not receive any changes but survival received some decent buffs on their most used, and most powerful, abilities which should help their AoE a little and their single target even more.

Black Arrow, Explosive Shot and Serpent Sting have had their damage increased by 12%

Some how, if you believe blizzard, everyone missed this.  If you ask me I say it was just added before the patch as a way to save face for such a mismatched damage dealing line up from top to bottom that saw the top spec doing double the damage of the bottom spec.  Increasing the bottom and decreasing the top should do a lot to close the gap, but will it be enough?

I plan to test out survival with the 12% buff when it goes live to see what it looks like, at the worst that 12% should be more than enough to get us over tanks, but will it be enough to get us more than bottom damage dealer.  Only time will tell.

Happy patch day.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- Did you get everything you wanted to get done before 6.0 came out?

- I didn't.

- I got a lot done, but most was done well before it got close to the cut off time.

- The only thing I really would have wanted to do that I missed was getting challenge mode golds.

- My guild mates were so against them from when we went in that first week and did not do so good.

- They did not have the desire to run out and reset a few times while we worked it out.

- They wanted to just run through them like any other dungeon.

- Then I had such a hard time finding groups for it.

- So I gave up on it basically.

- But them ending now gave me a chance to do something that perhaps was even better than getting gold.

- Even if I would have liked getting golds.

- I have all silver, and people wanted mount runs, which means silvers.

 - So I made groups and ran with them through silver runs.

- Silver runs are much easier and we even managed to do some with the 4 other people being completely new to the dungeon, and using 2 healers, because that was all that happened to be online.

- Still knocked out silvers.

- And that is the awesome thing that happened.

- I'd say there are now 13 guild members that were all afraid, for lack of a better word, to do them that now are kind of open to the idea.

- Somehow I was able to make it fun for them, even if I was telling them to run out and reset.

- For some reason them going away, and the sense of urgency, made people realize what I always had known.

- That working your way toward a goal was something that could be fun.

- Even one guy, who after his first attempt with me early in the expansion was a nightmare SPM run where we did not even make it past trash and everyone gave up after the second try said, if we had been doing this since the beginning we would be knocking out golds easy.

- Three of them we missed golds by less than 1 minute and this is with full groups that had never done them before or only had very limited experience.

- Goes to show them what I always say.

- If you work as a team long enough and put your mind to it, anything is possible.

- And if we had been doing these all expansion, like I had wanted to, we would all have golds.

- So next expansion is looking up, because now they all want to do challenge modes from the start next expansion.

- This will really help me and my enjoyment of the next expansion.

- With so little to offer, I am going to need to be with a group willing to do things like this or the game will lose my interest really fast as warlords is kind of light on the content department.

- It also does not hurt that you will have a chance to win 645 gear on that first week, and gear is good right?

- One bad thing is that so many really bad players keep asking me to come and I just can't say, sorry, can't take you, you are not good enough.

- It is mean.

- I might be grumpy, but I am not mean.

- So them removing challenge modes, while it sucks, I turned into a positive for my guild.

- Now lots of members want to start running them at the beginning next expansion.

- Because they finally realized what I said when we tried them at the start was true.

- It is only hard when you are learning them, once you know them, it is fun to try to best your best timer.

- Lets just hope they do not realize they are easier now because we have more gem slots. ;)

- But I do not need to tell them that do I?

- I am sad that they are going away now that I finally found a group of people worth doing them.

- Too little, too late.

- Still going to try to pick up a group for SPM gold so I can get the title.

- From the shado-pan of course.

- If you do SPM gold and all the shado-pan daily achievements, which I had as soon as I got to do them,  you get the title shado-master.

- Now tell me, who would not want the title shado-master on their shadow priest?

- It would help if I had a shadow priest of course, but the title is still something I really want.

- Saturday morning I spent 4 hours on open raid looking for a CM group for gold.

- I have all silvers, some which have a time that is only seconds off golds, yet I could not find a group.

- I said I have AotC and CE, still could not find a group.

- I said I have my own invis pots, the 18 second ones, still could not find a group.

- I said I have a helm with a real gem, not the useless legendary one for them, still could not find a group.

- I said I have the two BiS trinkets for CMs, still could not find a group.

- So having experience, proof you play at least decent, consumables, a special set of gear, and are not new to any of this means nothing.

- So what do you want, I asked.

- 9/9 gold.

- Excuse me?

- If I had 9/9 gold I would not be looking for a group, I would already have it and once you have gold there is no reason to ever do them again unless you were going for server best.

- Their pug, their rules, but sometimes it makes no sense to me.

- If I had gold, I do not need to pug on open raid.

- If I had gold I could easily get "gold experience only" groups on my server and not need to go to open raid.

- Going to open raid, for me, is the last resort, and it means I need something, not I have something.

- People confuse me.

- There are a lot of people selling gold runs.

- I have absolutely no problem playing for a run.

- Heck, I would even pay real cash if need be.

- I wrote a post a few weeks ago saying I would pay someone to do the work of assembling a good non fail group for me, so what would be the difference in paying for a run.

- Basically it is paying for someone to assemble a non fail group for you.

- But the prices these people ask are completely out of line.

- In my opinion at least.

- There must be enough people buying them for them to keep selling them.

- Talked to one person on open raid that told me he makes somewhere around 300K a week for him and his 3 friends selling CM runs.

- No wonder some people are upset to see these go.

- Even split 4 ways that is a hefty sum for a few hours work a week.

- But people were asking for sick numbers, in my mind.

- 50K per dungeon, and going up because time is running out.

- The only one I would pay 50K for is SPM right now and I would still kick myself for doing it.

- 2K, yeap, 2K max is what it would be worth paying someone to assemble a non fail group for 1 run for me.

- Now that I would jump on.

- 500 gold for each of the four players for less than 30 minutes of their time, in most cases.

- Seems fair to me, as the buyer.

- But who would sell for that.

- Heck, I would not even sell for that.

- If there were someone willing to pay me 50K for one run I would never even entertain 2K.

- So I do not fault people for getting what they can, more power to them.

- One of my servers had a great challenge mode advertisement.

- They said, don't need gear, don't need skill, just show up, come naked if you want to, gold guaranteed.

- I wonder what the price is.

- Never asked, I only have 9K on that guy on that server and I know I could not afford it.

- But naked might be the only way I could do it on that guy.

- He doesn't really have gear and with no gold he doesn't really have gems or enchants either.

- And as anyone that had done CMs knows, those gem slots are freaking huge.

- Now for something completely different.

- I did everything else I wanted to do prepatch, so nothing else to talk about on that front.

- I am hoping hunters are that one mistake.

- You ever noticed that every time the sim numbers come out, while they are kind of close to how things really are, there is always one class they made some math error with.

- Right now my only hope for hunters is that we are the one class they made a mistake with this time.

- My guild plans to run with its normal players once the patch comes out, just so we can test them.

- Kind of sucks our guild has a shadow priest, hunter, feral druid, you know, all the people at the bottom of the level 90 list.

- I heard that SoO will be nerfed a bit to compensate and be easier.

- Someone made a comment on the PTR that heroic SoO (which will be mythic) is roughly the difficulty level of what normal SoO (which will be heroic) is now.

- If that is the case than having all the bottom of the chart classes will not hurt us too much.

- If we can handle heroic now, I am sure if we can find a few more people and be able to handle mythic if that is the case.

- I plan to test the bottom spec on our first run, survival.

- I want to see if I can get more out of it than the sims say we can do.

- I can't even remember the last time I was only doing 10K.

- Would have to be early ICC before the buff started.

- I heard some people talking about old numbers and someone said how horrible hunters where in the cataclysm prepatch.

- I started scratching my head wondering what universe they were from.

- Hunters, after the cata pre patch, were the gods of PvE, even more so MM when you reforged everything to mastery.

- The mastery was insane.

- Makes me wonder, do people just pull stuff out of their ass when they say things like that, or were they insanely bad at playing a hunter back than and never realized to take advantage of the huge power of mastery when it was added at 80 in the pre patch.

- Trust me, if hunters were bad after the patch, I would have been the first to complain about it.

- Heck, that is what my job is, see the title.

- I look for things to be grumpy about, and I would never pass up a chance to be grumpy about my class doing poorly.

- So no, hunters were not bad in the cata pre patch.

- Not even legendary warriors could come close to me after the cata pre patch as a mastery reforged MM hunter.

- It was fun to be that OP, even if only for a short time.

- A lot more fun than it will be to be so UP, even if it is only for a short time.

- I will wait to test things, but looking at what we have, this seems to be the worst pre patch I recall for hunters.

- But I do not recall the wrath pre patch because I was not quite into the game at the time and was not a forums person back then.

- Like 95% of the player base.

- I can't wait to see what people say after they log in on tuesday.

- There were people talking about it in one of the guilds I am in while I was popping over there.

- I was mostly listening to them but it sounded like they were all me.

- They all said the same thing, that no one is going to have a clue.

- And then half their guild was asking, what is changing.

- Glad to see it is not just my guild that is half clueless.

- Most of the player base is clueless.

- And this is a raiding guild, and there were raiders, and they still had no clue.

- There were three people that seemed up on things and those three started explaining everything to people.

- You would not believe the outrage from people finding out that they only had one day left to do things like brawlers guild, proving grounds and challenge modes.

- These people, daily players that are on every day, had no clue any of this was happening.

- Blizzard really needs to work on their information sharing.

- Instead of the blues making stupid smart ass replies that answer nothing on twitter they need to have more in your face announcements in game.

- Like as soon as they are going to do something, have a pop up people need to click okay on when they log in.

- Like when you log in you would get a random pop up with something like "Did you know that on Oct 14th challenge modes are being removed from the game?"

- Maybe this would pass along the information some.

- Even if people ignore it, it would be better than not telling people at all, which is what blizzard does.

- And no, do not say they add patch notes.

- How many people actually read them?

- Maybe me and 1% or 2% of the other geeks do.

- No one else really reads those.

- And blizzard should know that by now.

- There are three people in my guild that read patch notes, that I know of.

- Everyone else just comes to us three to tell them what is going on.

- For most people, that is just easier.

- So what happens to the vast majority that do not have a support network and people to ask?

- They get shocked and maybe, just maybe, they quit, because all this was dumped on them with no warning.

- And again, don't say there was notice outside of the game.

- You should never need to go outside of the game to find out what is going on with the game.

- That is one upgrade blizzard should have worked on for the expansion.

- Upgrading how they share information with their players.

- And stop using twitter for notices.

- There we go, I am full on grumpy again.

- Can't have that, we have to be happy.

- There is some new stuff to do this week.

- I will NOT be heading to the blasted lands when the patch drops.

- I will wait a little bit so the rush goes down.

- Oh who the hell am I kidding, I will head right over there and then yell at my screen as I wait for an hour to kill three mobs because blizzard never fixed their spawn rates even after so many people put in tickets.

- Why do they ask us to test things when they completely ignore input sometimes?

- Some things they are awesome at fixing quick but others, like respawn rates, they suck at fixing.

- I should wait, I want to wait, but I will break down and head there, I know it.

- I am a weak weak elf, I admit it, I must do new content the day it comes out and can not control myself. /sob

- But I am going to try to hold out.

- I will tell you what I will be doing however.


- It has a 550 dagger with my rogues name on it.

- I've been wearing a 502 one since, well, the ToT LFRs came out.

- I would really like to see what I can do with some real weapons.

- On a nice stand still fight like ordos, even with no timeless buffs, I can get as high as 309K, which was my best.

- Got lucky, usually around 280K on that one to be honest, but it sounds better to say 309K doesn't it?

- I wonder what I could do with some weapons.

- Isn't it sad that I can get close to 300K standing still yet on a fight with adds or lots of target switching I struggle to to even half that, if that much.

- That is the skill of being a melee and I never play it enough to learn to get good at it.

- Combo points on the rogue will help me tons with it, I think that is where I mess up most on it.

- I lose a lot to dangling combo points never used left on a target.

- I am really looking forward to trying gladiator stance on my warrior.

- I've been saying for far to long that if I could DPS with a shield I would.

- So I guess I have to put my money where my mouth is and give it a try.

- And warrior AoE is nice and easy and they are looking very over powered for next expansion.

- So something I always wanted is being added, they are over powered, and I would love to find a melee class I enjoy outside of enhancement means I might as well give it a try.

- In truth the thing I am looking forward to most in warlords,at this moment, is gladiator stance.

- What does that say about the expansion, when the most exciting thing it has to offer me is something on an alt I still most likely will rarely play.

- Not a good sign for the expansion if you ask me.

- GOLD MAKING TIP:  Check out some old weapon enchants for the patch.

- Mongoose becomes BiS for feral druids, so they will be selling like wild fire.

- Be the first to put them up on the AH and sit back and collect the gold.

- And they are not the only ones.

- There are many enchants from wrath and BC that are going to be BiS enchants now.

- You have you one tip, you can figure out the others yourself. ;)

- They fixed the outhouse in beta.

- So now you get an achievement for doing number two.

- I thought the last time anyone cheered for us using the potty we were still in diapers.

- Which for most of us was a very long time ago.

- But now we are getting potty trained warlords style.

- I am already making my goals for warlords as far as leveling goes.

- Hunter to 100 first, as if that was ever in question, then all my other characters through the entry experience.

- Once I open the garrisons I will do a few quests, long enough to get to the quests for their profession buildings and another follower or two, then move to the next character.

- Once I have the garrisons open on all of them, so I can start leveling followers on all my alts and get all the profession buildings started, I'll decide on who to level to 100 next.

- My intention at the moment is to level my druid second.

- But we all know how that works out.

- I just kind of wing it when it comes to which alt to level second.

- I am still wondering how the hell my rogue was my second 85 in cataclysm.

- I am sure I had a reason at the time and maybe this time there will be a reason to level something else second.

- But being I can tank and heal on my druid I think that is why it will be second.

- I think my rogue was second in cataclysm because of the stupid chaos orbs being bound.

- So I needed to level him as he is my leather worker so I could make gear for my hunter.

- Still never understood why they make stuff like that bound.

- Speaking of bound, spirits of harmony will no longer be bound once 6.0 comes.

- And you will no longer need to go to the sliken fields to do the cloth daily.

- Which means I can trade all my spirits to my tailor and pound out some cloth and make more bags.

- Ah, bag space, I love bag space.

- Speaking of bag space, the reagents bag is what I am looking forward to in 6.0.

- And the toy box, and the second void storage tab, well, anything that has to do with space.

- I've been bouncing cloth and other things between characters for months waiting for it.

- I can't wait until I get stacks of 200 and more space for stuff like that.

- How much do you want to bet I will fill them all before warlords even comes out?

- Yeah, I am that bad.

- But when these old enchants are selling as BiS this week and everyone needs to farm for the materials I'll already have them, because I am a pack rat.

- Thing is, will I actually make them and list them.

- I never do.

- I always get caught up in doing the new stuff that I forget about making gold.

- Someone asked me what I think they should have for each character going into warlords, gold wise.

- I said, figure 30K to be a good number.

- You can buy and build every single building with 30K, so it gives you a buffer if you want to switch.

- You could make due with less of course, but 30K would be the "pay no mind" number where you will not even need to think about it.

- So that is my goal, 30K on all my characters.

- I spent a ton on pets recently so I am basically broke based on what I am used to having.

- Down to a hair under 600K on my main server.

- But I stocked up on some pets that I figured were good deals, and some I needed.

- Pets from the timeless island will go up because people will not be there farming all the time because there is nothing to do like now with the extreme content lull.

- So that death adder that I got for an amazingly low 200 gold will be worth a lot more later.

- Heck, it is worth a lot more now.

- I looked and on 3 of my servers it goes for around 2K.

- Wonder why someone listed it for 200.

- Maybe a typo?

- I've done that before.

- Sad when you were trying to sell a stack for 20 gold per item but you sold it for 20 gold for the stack.

- Yeah, I have done that.

- I never asked for my money back, but when I buy deals like that I have had people ask me for their item back.

- Sorry, can't do that.

- I had someone whisper once on a piece of gear I bought for 800 gold saying I owed them 7200 gold because they meant to sell it for 8000.

- I said I don't owe you anything because I meant to buy it for 800 and would have never given it a second though for 8000.

- I did offer to work a deal out with them for what would be fair for both of us, but 8000 was completely out of the question.

- I would have given him 3000 which mean another 2200, which is more than anyone else that bought it would have offered.

- They would have told him his loss and put him on ignore.

- He told me to send him the item back or 7200 gold or he would report me.

- I said you are not getting the item, you are not getting more gold, and if you want to report me for buying something you listed on the auction house feel free to.

- Not sure if he ever reported me, but I never got any mail or contact from a GM which means he either didn't, or the GM laughed at him the same way I laughed when he said he was going to report me.

- Mistakes happen.

- One time someone bought something I listed for a high price and they did not want it.

- They sent me a mail saying that they bought it by accident but they do not want their money back, it was a lessen learned, I just better spend the gold on something good.

- See, now that is someone that knows how it works reacts.

- They accept that they made a mistake and try to use it as a learning experience.

- Ever get mail sent to you that is not meant for you?

- With merged servers that seems to happen more often than it used to.

- I always send it back to the person and put a note in the mail saying I think they can use it more than I can but thanks for offering to give it to me with an lol at the end.

- I wonder if sometimes I am just being a sap.

- Most people would just keep it.

- I'd say half the time the person does not even reply with even a thank you when I send them their stuff back.

- I know I must have mailed stuff to the wrong person over the course of the years.

- No one has ever sent it back to me.

- But I am sure I have done it.

- I am a little paranoid about sending stuff to the wrong person sometimes.

- That is why I keep a few of the timeless pieces around now and always will.

- Whenever I mail something of real value I throw it in the mail.

- Being it is BoA, and you can not send a BoA to anyone but yourself, it gives me a sense of safety to include it in the mail.

- I know that I did not accidentally send it to the wrong person because it can only go to me.

- Maybe I could have labeled that one a pro tip.

- But a real pro would never be stupid enough to mail something to the wrong person.

- Or would they?

- Have a great day, see you on patch day.

Friday, October 10, 2014

From 400K to 14K: Are You Ready For The Stat Squish? (and other changes)

Anyone who is reading here probably keeps up on the game because you would never make it to this little corner of the internet unless you were really lost or really into the game and looking for more stuff to read on it.  Basically what that means is that the stat squish coming up on Tuesday is not exactly going to take anyone reading this right now by surprise.

It would also be reasonable to believe that anyone reading here understands what is going on.  We all know that the difference between me doing 400K now and doing 14K on Tuesday really means nothing.  I should, if blizzard did their job well, still be able to do the same things in the same time frame I did before.  As Ghostcrawler said at the blizzcon last year, if it takes you 6 seconds to kill a timeless island gulp frog now it will still take you 6 seconds to kill a timeless island gulp frog.  So we all understand that these are just numbers, nothing more, right?

The power of the mind however is a wonderful and interesting thing.  No matter how much we tell ourselves that everything will still be the same.  No matter how much we tell ourselves that if doing 400K is good for my gear now than doing 14K will be good for my gear in a few days.  No matter how many times we killed a gulp frog and it took us 6 seconds and still will, no matter what, the end result is we still will see a smaller number, a much much smaller number, and even knowing it means nothing bad it will make us feel nerfed.

We know it will be all fine, we have been told it will be all fine, you might have had friends that tested it and told you it was all fine, we might have even been on the PTR or the beta and felt it and noticed it was all fine, but in the end it will still take a hell of a lot of adjusting to fully accept it and not feel as if there is something wrong, not feel weak in comparison to who you were just a day earlier once Tuesday comes.

The thing is, you me and anyone else that follows the coming changes to the game will, or might, have some issues adjusting to these number adjustments and we will accept it because we understand what is going on, but you me and anyone else following the goings on are the minority.  A very small minority.  Most players do not know this is coming.  Most players do not know we are being squished.  Most players are going to log in on Tuesday (or Wednesday for our friend across the pond) and be in for the shock of their wow gaming life.

The one thing we can hope for, for their sake, is that they do not have recount or any other damage meter.  Lets face it, if it were not for damage meters we would not know we are doing 14K instead of 400K.  It might still feel off for them seeing smaller numbers pop up on their screen but when the mobs go down in the same amount of time they are used to seeing them go down they will get used to that.  But if they see those numbers on the damage meter, that will really be a shock to them.  The fact the mob died in the same time they are used to it dying in will mean nothing.  They were nerfed.

It makes me wonder, what are people that do not monitor the forums, the changes, whats going on, will think when they log on and see that.  There will no doubt be a whole slew of players that had never once visited the forums feeling the incredible urge to go there and start complaining that they were nerfed so hard.

It is not only the stat squish.  What is going to happen when someone goes to the island of thunder to get their weekly key and no key will drop?  What is going to happen when they go to pick up the challenge dungeon daily and there is no daily?  What is going to happen when they go to buy that heirloom they had been saving up for and they no longer have justice points, and the heirlooms are no longer for sale?  What is going to happen when they go to try the proving grounds and they are gone?  What is going to happen when they go the brawlers guild only to find it empty?  What is going to happen when they want to join a flex 4 and realize there is no such thing any longer and you need to start from the beginning?  What is going to happen when they try to assemble for a 10 man heroic and they can't do it because it is now a 20 man mythic and your 10 players are not longer enough?  What is going to happen when they go to hit an ability that is gone?  What is going to happen when they go to cast something that used to be an instant and it is not?  What is going to happen when...

There are so many changes, huge changes, game changing changes, and there are so many people, the majority, that have no clue they are coming.  They will all log in like lambs to the slaughter.  Don't know why but that seems to be what pops into the mind when all these people log in on patch day next week. Like lambs to the slaughter.

The one that worries me the most however is the one that impacts us the least.  We can adjust to changes in abilities, we can deal with the annoying wholesale removal of content for no reason what so ever, we can even adjust with some anger maybe over removed abilities, but our numbers, those changing really have an impact on everyone even if nothing really changes.  It is something that happens at a subconscious level.  Something we do not even realize is happening.

There are so many changes coming with the patch but I think the stat squish is going to be the biggest one because people really hate when you mess with their numbers and there is no person in the world that can fall from 400K to 14K and not feel the impact of that, even if the mobs still die in the time frame we are used it.

What do you think will be the biggest problem change that the masses who do not follow the news will be upset with?